What we describe as an excellent wine is more a combination of elements than just about the wine itself.
Here are the different elements which together make up an excellent wine:


Balance is the most important component of an excellent wine. The perfect balance between alcohol, acidity and tannins (or sugar for some white wines) defines the “drinkability” of a wine.


The best description for “drinkability” is the spanish expression “que entra bien”, that nothing bothers you when you have a sip. You just enjoy it.

The place

What’s more pleasant than opening a good bottle of wine in the comfort of your own home, villa, or even your boat. It’s up to you where you choose to enjoy your wine – that’s why we are pleased to offer delivery to wherever you are. Just let us know and we’ll be there.


One of the most important elements to enjoy a good bottle of wine, is to share it with great friends and family… and relish the moment.